You have a body, like Adonis

So there’s quite a few technology and internet articles in here and a larger than normal number of links to movie and television stuff. Two doctors make an appearance – Who and Doctor[ow], the seedier side of the interwebs gets a run down, malware detection for mobiles, everyone’s favourite “WW”, VR making people sick, stupid theives, maps that never happened and maps that correlate the unrelatable, Cookie Monster wants it, advice for artists and role players, warehouses and horoscopes, a song of meat and vegies, the original jpg girl, baking companies going ironic, pictures from space, Bitcoins, bunked scientific theories, getting lucky in your underwear, copyright vigilantism, the return of Omni, cutting up time and some tomfoolery from the AVN Expo, last year. Yeah, I know, it’s late.

Hurry up and jump in:

And this shall dwell in the sea

And a whole lot this time around: random celebrities, legal news, science developments, it’s all here; if you can be bothered. Topics include the Zodiac Killer, pollination, podcasts, smartphones, relationship advice, conspiracies, DefCon, old console is best console, pink water, surrealism as a way of living, torrent users, sleep patterns, jihadi web protocols, GPS hacking, philosophy as icons, twenty-five years of crypto, “Ghost Island”, celebrity authors, celebrity lurkers, celebrity movie adaptions, robotic tweets, artificial animal habitations, and Stoya.

And not a single mention of the Big G:

Nature is a toxin, hope is a lie

There’s always the intention of posting more regularly, of making sure something is up every couple of days. And then sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Weird.

Today there’s rather a lot, but all of it fun. All mixed together are life lessons, a movie about Daria, clients being horrible, stuff famous people like Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis and Bruce Sterling, and things about Steve Jobs, pentameter and Twitter, horoscopes, a song from the Doubleclicks, a lost and found product, automatic homes, sex and porn, Batman and it finishes off with pretty [ugly] spiders. To start us off today though, here’s things people wish were real from video games:

Also, for reference, here are the horoscopes that were missed from last week, because reasons …

You have freed me from my lamp

A week long break without a post. Slack. Someone should lose their head for this.

All that aside, within the following list you’ll find a collection of random things including webcomics, both humourous and otherwise, books about smut, Youtube mysteries, AFP and churches, heroines that aren’t drugs, photos from space, Big G’s glass once or twice, authors and singers, light up skin and porn blocking, creeps and 4chan, special babies, Reader and how online privacy is possibly the biggest myth of them all. But first, here’s something about computer games turning into comics?

… I have no idea what you are talking about

Another almost on time update with lots of articles to read, and possibly a little short on humour to laugh at – them’s the breaks unfortunately. Somewhere in here though are links to things like fireworks, metadata, nakedness, Schrödinger, the RIAA, shadow profiles, motion trackers [as seen in Aliens], Kevin Costner maybe, cybercrime and punishment, big guns, Quake 3, Houdini covers and mathematical dating.

But first we’ll start with tiny, tiny batteries: