Joke’s on you, Judge Thompson

So apparently nearly a week has gone past again. Just hasn’t been as much to put up here I suppose. The list this time around is made up of Murphy’s Law and apocalypses, miners and creepy dolls, super heroines and mobiles, lunchbags and posters, telescopes and televisions, professors and horoscopes, amusement parks and passwords, resistance and deletions, fiction and asian women and microbial friends. So jump right in:

And this shall dwell in the sea

And a whole lot this time around: random celebrities, legal news, science developments, it’s all here; if you can be bothered. Topics include the Zodiac Killer, pollination, podcasts, smartphones, relationship advice, conspiracies, DefCon, old console is best console, pink water, surrealism as a way of living, torrent users, sleep patterns, jihadi web protocols, GPS hacking, philosophy as icons, twenty-five years of crypto, “Ghost Island”, celebrity authors, celebrity lurkers, celebrity movie adaptions, robotic tweets, artificial animal habitations, and Stoya.

And not a single mention of the Big G:

Grading essays on Kant

In some parts of the world today/yesterday it’s Father’s Day apparently. It’s not here for another couple of months. Always feels a bit odd. So in honour of all that, here’s a quick post that includes some Father’s Day links.

There are also links to whole slew of other topis: strange porn, a number of big G – glass, govenment concerns and so on – the weather, cyber warfare in the modern age, surreptitious surveillance, alien civilisations, bus stop pranks, video game movies, physics problems and gift ideas for fathers. But first let’s jump in with some of the most anticipated E3 games trailers:

So, to all the father’s in that part of the world, happy Dad’s day.

Student threw sandwich across class yelling YOLO

It has been a big week between E3 and the NSA pants around its’ collective ankles. Lots of things about console gaming, iDevices and being spied upon by Big Brother.

To keep it a little fresher than those boring old topics though, other things have been interspersed throughout. Like a domino chain made from books, acting in porn, an old anonymous case that is still ongoing, how the book of the face deals with inclement weather, and how the major social media conglomerations deal with each other. Also included somewhere in there are hilarious jokes and comics, games not related to E3, the gorgeous Zhangjiajie National Park and this first link, why you should switch to Firefox:

Excuse me, Master Superman, sir

Once again the weekend comes and gets ready to finish far quicker than anyone actually desires. Amongst the smattering of links this time around are topics that include feminism, crabs, invisibility, bad girls, imaginary animals, little brother, DNA, weddings, bad smells, cherry blossoms, foretellings, encryption, privilege, math philosophy, video games and RSS.

Should be more than enough to keep anyone going: