Why didn’t you do the knock part?

So, this post is late. -Ish. Or something. To make up for this, it is huge. About fifty percent more than a regular post. There’s all sorts in here this time as well; 3d printing, lossiness, suns, pretty girls, ants, psychos, television, orcs, wizards, copycats, brains, phones, spiders, teeth, santas, predictions, buttons, dinosaurs, makeovers, holes, fairytales, doctors, food, chalk, gears, demons, diacritics, books, superheroes, consoles, airplanes, surfboards and ponies.

Plenty to keep you busy for an afternoon or two:

That was perhaps a little excessive. Bonus internet points if you can point to any link that wasn’t referenced at the start!

I get it. It’s for a quest.

So, let’s get this going then; it’s late and it’s full. Heaps in here, just check the tags — underwear, horoscopes, laughs, music history, lots of art and photography, silly tech, maths and algorithms, the NSA, Richard Stallman, money, solar power and molten sand, etc. Lots of stuff to enjoy.

So dig in and fill up:

And because this has been delayed, here’s the most recent horoscopes from your favourite fortune tellers:

Surely we don’t have room for all of them

It’s Easter again. Eggs and rabbits and buns and crosses and confusion for all the kidlings to see. It’s also April Fool’s Day today. And will be tomorrow for some people. Hence the posting early. Before it’s all ruined by all the slow people around the world who lag by hours and hours.

So, in relation to all of that, lots of Easter stuff and finishing with lots of foolishness. Including one man’s personal IPO, Moore’s Law, Game of Thrones actors’ before and after, a TED Talk by a known terrorist, one man’s review of the latest in adult entertainment and then lots of laughs:

Actually quite short today. Have fun.

No sleep till Brooklyn

Two things were obvious when I looked at everything from the past few days. There is a lot of it. So I’ll either have to keep this pretty damn regular, or just ignore half of it.
And it may just be that I’ll need to implement some sort of categorisation for it all. Tags or individual category labels maybe. Something to think about.

Anyway, here is the latest lot:

A complete mess of links. And far too many as well.
But hey, they all interested me.