Genetically equal parts apple and orange

Back to basics with lots of funnies today. CISPA gets another go while the internet gets a full network scan. Some links stuff about the future of technology and society before an interview with one of the founders of Kickstarter. There’s in interview with Ryan Reynolds where he talks about lots of things, most importantly that Deadpool movie he’s associated with, and Call of Duty gets another panning from people who actually play games and not Counter-Strike clones.

So all in all, there’s quite a bit of reading:

Protection from Tikbalangs

It has been a few days. But the weekends can be quiet. Which is nice. Plenty of things to read though: psychologists and drugs; casinos and hacks; Facebook and tracking; hackers and sentencing; phasers set to stun; fake dinobots and crowdsourcing; and the usual silly jokes, satire, and parody.

It all begins here:

And that rounds it out.

Could not log in to Block Server

So, I’ve been reading a lot of news articles lately covering a large selection of topics: CISPA, gun control, trademarks, crime, espionage, the Japanese tsunami/earthquake/meltdown from a couple of years back and even cyborgs! But there have been plenty about gaming as well, of both the tabletop and computer varieties. Of course, there are the usual humourous links, about typography, Mother Nature winning, and layoffs. Oh, and don’t forget to look at the Instagram link for the make up artist who makes porn stars pretty; maybe it will surprise you.

First up is a double banger, parts one and two of an thought process on gun control.

How does that all look? Suitably fancy?