An unexpected hiatus

As things stand, this is dead. Mostly because in the end, doing what had been being done was time consuming considering everything else that was happening.
As things stand, this is gone past mostly unnoticed by even myself. Things are nicer without the hassle.
As things stand, this is not what was ultimately intended for this website. It had other reasons for existence, and they should hopefully be showing more if it can be organised.
As things stand, this is a happy occurance.

Perhaps things can be pointed in the right direction now. Motivations and so on.
The previous nearly one hundred posts will stay where they are for now, along with their associated tags and such.
New things are coming. If ever so slowly.

I know! How amazing is this!

Well, there goes another week. It’s a touch absurd really. No matter how much you try to get things done beforehand, the weekend creeps on. All inexorable like. Whatever.

There’s a lot of stuff following this bit of drivel: a whole panoply of interesting and boring, of fantastical and mundane. And maybe there will be a magic show afterwards to which all these fancy words actually apply. Maths, pachyderms, holes, statues, cakes, racing, slavery, medicine, movies, fools, installations, foretellings, advice, communications, automatons, questions, developers, and extra-terrestrial life — it’s all in here, so dive in and eat up:

Aren’t you wonderful taking little Hugo to the museums?

Let’s just get this posted then. Rather than mucking about pretending more will be added shortly.

All sorts of things in here this time around. We have spies and traitors, snails and worms, apples and seeds, doctors and singers, computers and mecha, glasses and face recognition, texting and old games, horoscopes and comic books, 80s music and statistics, cartoons and web comics, creators and anniversaries, reasons and motor vehicles. It’s all happening. So jump right in and start reading a Q&A from the most well known “traitor” of recent times:

Nature is a toxin, hope is a lie

There’s always the intention of posting more regularly, of making sure something is up every couple of days. And then sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Weird.

Today there’s rather a lot, but all of it fun. All mixed together are life lessons, a movie about Daria, clients being horrible, stuff famous people like Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis and Bruce Sterling, and things about Steve Jobs, pentameter and Twitter, horoscopes, a song from the Doubleclicks, a lost and found product, automatic homes, sex and porn, Batman and it finishes off with pretty [ugly] spiders. To start us off today though, here’s things people wish were real from video games:

Also, for reference, here are the horoscopes that were missed from last week, because reasons …

… I have no idea what you are talking about

Another almost on time update with lots of articles to read, and possibly a little short on humour to laugh at – them’s the breaks unfortunately. Somewhere in here though are links to things like fireworks, metadata, nakedness, Schrödinger, the RIAA, shadow profiles, motion trackers [as seen in Aliens], Kevin Costner maybe, cybercrime and punishment, big guns, Quake 3, Houdini covers and mathematical dating.

But first we’ll start with tiny, tiny batteries: