Kittens and birthdays and parties, oh my

George Takei style of course!

So, Playstation 4, hmm? I could probably have been linking stuff relevant to that for about a while now, but decided that it would likely be best to wait until something concrete has been revealed. Which obviously doesn’t include the game console itself. Besides, who needs consoles in today’s day and age anywa? Sony Vita, Wii U, 3DS, etc etc. These all prove people don’t need bulky eyesores gathered ominously about their large, sleek and beautiful televisions. Right? Perhaps we can all start with some PS4 hype information then, carefully moving onto the Apple iWatch, the Google Glass, some Playboy and RIAA maybe and finish up with a collection of clips of people being hit by moving vehicles?

Sounds good to me:

And that should do it because there goes another week and it’s associated weekend. Time for the working week to weave it’s {open sarcastisis} wonderful wonderful {close sarcastisis} magick.