Get fourth wrong answer

It’s Monday again, already. This is ridiculous sometimes, why must the flow of time be so inexorable?

Somewhere in this list of the past week … which shouldn’t be so long apart, are all sorts of things: eggy aliens, raisin-filled oatmeal, juicy eyes, tiny bones, hybrid cities, hilarious hotels, crazy balloons, dead spiders, working robots, delicious hamburgers, new books, anti-surveillance glasses, colourful silkworms, evolutionary leaps, cancer-free sugar, Aaron’s Law, “social” apps, inspiring works, privacy failures, and lastly some awesome thoughts.

But first, bread!

Let’s split up and look for clues

Somewhat random collection of things this week. Starts out quite techy: online fanfiction, public licences, leaks, robotic prostheses and gaming consoles; ends up quite arty: tables without legs, funny looking houses, statues to creep you out, and so on. Somewhere in the middle there’s a mish mash of humour, music, advice, history and detox.

Going by the first article, had all things worked out, this should have been posted a day or two earlier:

Screw them, it will always be a hard ‘g’ gif here.

It’ll be a great trick at parties

Quite a bit in today’s collection. The topic du jour, Glass by Google, makes its reappearance, more than once. But there is so much more as well. Laughs, new games, old games, Anonymous, the now infamous hacking law, DNA reconstructions, some old old language ideas, a website for books and one take on just what the internet is. And that’s only a really really brief run down of the two dozen or so links.

So jump in and enjoy. It’s all a mess, but well worth the time:

After all, if nobody reads this is it all just self-gratification?

Dump them all into the garbage

Lots of technology and science this time around: sea monsters, animals with superpowers, the possible futures and how we’ll deal with them and clothing embedded with gadgetry. More concerns centred around patents, privacy issues involving wearable tech, the evolution of a the latest insult for tech wearers, as well as a window mounted wall socket! All mixed in with the usual dose of humour and maybe even something that will make you laugh.

But first up, an odd recording from an old vinyl – make of it what you will:

And to finish, an out of context quote:

“And ignore the internet. It’s usually wrong and opinionated.”
— Adam Holisky [source]

We should eat it a little bit, though

What a weird week. Roger Ebert and Baroness Thatcher. Monkey talk and fake girlfriends. British history and what makes sexy. E-sports and ‘pirate’ television. EA failing and the dark side of Glass. Ryan Gosling makes a challenge and etiquette for public interface decices.

All in all, lots of things to read, all mixed in with the usual stupid comics and people stories. Dig in:

And a little comic to help with your difficult decisions: