Nature is a toxin, hope is a lie

There’s always the intention of posting more regularly, of making sure something is up every couple of days. And then sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Weird.

Today there’s rather a lot, but all of it fun. All mixed together are life lessons, a movie about Daria, clients being horrible, stuff famous people like Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis and Bruce Sterling, and things about Steve Jobs, pentameter and Twitter, horoscopes, a song from the Doubleclicks, a lost and found product, automatic homes, sex and porn, Batman and it finishes off with pretty [ugly] spiders. To start us off today though, here’s things people wish were real from video games:

Also, for reference, here are the horoscopes that were missed from last week, because reasons …

Get fourth wrong answer

It’s Monday again, already. This is ridiculous sometimes, why must the flow of time be so inexorable?

Somewhere in this list of the past week … which shouldn’t be so long apart, are all sorts of things: eggy aliens, raisin-filled oatmeal, juicy eyes, tiny bones, hybrid cities, hilarious hotels, crazy balloons, dead spiders, working robots, delicious hamburgers, new books, anti-surveillance glasses, colourful silkworms, evolutionary leaps, cancer-free sugar, Aaron’s Law, “social” apps, inspiring works, privacy failures, and lastly some awesome thoughts.

But first, bread!

Lets me do everything handsfree

The last post was far too long ago. So here is a large collection of random links from that time. Not too much though. This time around there are articles that range from snail mail to smartphones, from artistry to piracy, from gods to insects, from video games to bacteria, from tattoos to television. And there is still more after that, not much, but still more:

Go stand by the coroner

And another week quickly draws to a close. So fast. Time needs to slow down or something, it must be getting old by now right? Definitely the right period in life to slow down, smell the roses, relax and put up its feet, or whatever time uses to move about.

This time around there’s plenty of everything and a few of whatever is left. I think I may have even avoided talking about the Big G for a change. Interspersed between all the humour this time are a lot of art and/or design articles, some things about books, virtual currency mining, Yahoo being serious and free beers. Oh, and apparently there is a new Microsoft product being released soon.

But first, social media suicide is apparently a bad thing:

And yes, no mention of that product at all.

By its light, the vampire will die!

It would be easier to fill this out if I could remember what I’d read in the last couple of days. Instead I’ve had other things on my mind, and I’m just going to have to summarise from what links I can see here and hope that jogs my memory! Yes, totally hilarious I know.

There’s lots of comics and laughs and so on to start with, so you should be chortling away quite nicely before getting to the meatier subjects. After that we end up with discussion about the Singularity, this is followed by the ethics of data retention and using games to encourage good education, the Ouya getting a guaranteed release date and a hilariously titled article from Stoya. Don’t forget to find in there the website for the Japanese [where else?] themed restaurant and view a few of the videos!

Proceed and enjoy:

Oh look, it’s the Easter weekend. Enjoy the chocolate!