Ma’am, every villain is special to us

There’s quite a bit in here this time around; see last post for the reasons and a comparison; not nearly so far behind as before. All things considered, this is a good thing. Jumping in here thought gives us plenty to look at. From visualising data to more on driveless cars, plenty of good music to plenty of strange but oddly appealing music to free as in beer music, celebrity meatloaf [a la the 'Antiviral' movie] to celebrity awards, quite a bit on the security of your data and what you do with it, tons on the StarCraft competitive gaming leagues, more awesome photos from space to a trailer for the movie everyone is waiting for, law enforcement getting in on the tech advances, some creepypasta to some creepy fish, board games and old games, the privacy of the internet and anatomy all collected, bitcoins for dummies to home gestures, sounds from the history of technology to hacking current technology. First up though, we ask, and answer the age old question:

And apologies for a link to MySpace there at the end. We were unaware it was even still relevant, let alone a blog platform. Weird.

Do you like donuts?

Well, that’s enough of a break. Time for the New Year and recovering from the celebrations. There’s been a lot of nothing for a while, probably because of that celebratory period, but things are beginning to flood back in again.

Leading the list of items two weeks old or less today is virtual reality, closely followed by creepypasta. Also included for your pleasure are things like webcomics[!], country music, life reflections, shoes, facts, glitter nail polish, outer space, coffee flavoured beer, images of earth, genuine fakes, women’s rowing, broken things, wierd passwords, Orwell and facial recognition and, of course, the obligatory stuff about Christmas and stuff about New Year’s. Jump in:

And something semi-relevant to finish it all off:

That is super creepy

And here’s another long list of things from this week. It would have been shorter, except life doesn’t always work out that way. So before it gets so long as to be nearly untenable, here’s the interesting parts. And at the same time manage to cover pretty much every category that’s been used already.

Pathology and anonymity, musicians and magicians, and jedi and Google glass. Consoles and attention spans, confusing computers and grown ups alike, and buildings and beverages. Role playing and karaoke, and Deadpool and Google glass. And it all ends with a final simulation:

Don’t lose your head.

Someone at this table is an impostor

It’s the weekend. It was also Free Comic Book Day yesterday. Lots of free comics. Lots of fun. I hope everyone gathered their free comics and made good use of them.

Some interesting fill this time around: Google Glass appears to be a popular topic of discussion at the moment, I wonder why? The same goes for Bitcoin. Some Wesley Crusher crushing is going on, and what to do with 3 wishes. Some interesting opinions on quitting the internet and 3D printers, as well as furniture that has it’s own woven-in circuitry. Someone asks, does it rain on the internet? and a disturbing look at operations when performed by the creepiest of the creepy. Enjoy!

Sleep well little teddy bears.