We should eat it a little bit, though

What a weird week. Roger Ebert and Baroness Thatcher. Monkey talk and fake girlfriends. British history and what makes sexy. E-sports and ‘pirate’ television. EA failing and the dark side of Glass. Ryan Gosling makes a challenge and etiquette for public interface decices.

All in all, lots of things to read, all mixed in with the usual stupid comics and people stories. Dig in:

And a little comic to help with your difficult decisions:

The sign on the counter is in Comic Sans

It’s Pi Day. Or at least it was a short time ago. That’s how time works sometimes unfortunately. It just gets away from you.

Included in today are all sorts of things: Google kills Reader to everyone’s sorrow; SOPA is apparently alive and kicking, just in the shadows; South By South West was on and has finished; there’s even a new Pope, “Franky” goes to the Vatican [I want rights to that!]; StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm is released to the lament of spouses/partners everywhere; and other stuff. Read it all. I can’t be bothered explaining it. Enjoy:

Oh, and one final link. Google does something right at least:

On the outside the robot is made of steel

Lots of games and movies to look at today. Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm comes out in a few days, gets a free 8 page comic available online and there’s even an exposition on Sun Tzu; the Deadpool game gets a new trailer; and the latest incarnation of SimCity gets itself a beatdown.

On the movie front we have a who’s who of cult cinema; Disney adds a new dimension to all their efforts; an interesting method of marketing one particular movie; and to start us off, a new trailer for Iron Man 3, I can’t wait [I might just explode!]:

Personally, I’m a big fan of the changes to SimCity. All these people who would spend all their time playing the game can now use the time they wait whilst “logging in” to finish all their household chores!

Milk, onion, jam, gherkins and eggs all on frozen bread

It’s what’s for breakfast!

In other news, not much happened most to most people around the world other than their usual days, of whatever that consists. At the very least they all awoke, did stuff and went back to sleep. Not necessarily in that order of course.

Today we have a mix of Star Trek, Chinese hackers, fortune telling, Google Glass, a study on porn stars and tips on how to not murder someone:

And that should do it for today. Also, it’s delicious. [Or at least that's what I keep telling other people.]