Goat is firm, but fair

Old country is best country!

That said, a lot of news happening in various fields recently. Gaming gets the Ouya finally, Groupon fires it’s CEO, homemade plastic guns finally work, corporations try to treat everyone else like landless serfs, again, and science decides that even death may not be final. Not mentioned in here is Dennis Rodman somehow managing to confuse the first world and third world nations of South and North Korea whilst visiting ‘fans’. Mostly because he’s a moron and while I’d be happy if people wanted to laugh at him, I doubt many actually remember who he is anymore [hint: he's a has-been-once-was-isn't-now].

So let’s get into it:

Wow, so little humour and webcomics in there today, all stars and guns and people getting fired or jailed.

Oh, and some StarCraft.