By its light, the vampire will die!

It would be easier to fill this out if I could remember what I’d read in the last couple of days. Instead I’ve had other things on my mind, and I’m just going to have to summarise from what links I can see here and hope that jogs my memory! Yes, totally hilarious I know.

There’s lots of comics and laughs and so on to start with, so you should be chortling away quite nicely before getting to the meatier subjects. After that we end up with discussion about the Singularity, this is followed by the ethics of data retention and using games to encourage good education, the Ouya getting a guaranteed release date and a hilariously titled article from Stoya. Don’t forget to find in there the website for the Japanese [where else?] themed restaurant and view a few of the videos!

Proceed and enjoy:

Oh look, it’s the Easter weekend. Enjoy the chocolate!

Genetically equal parts apple and orange

Back to basics with lots of funnies today. CISPA gets another go while the internet gets a full network scan. Some links stuff about the future of technology and society before an interview with one of the founders of Kickstarter. There’s in interview with Ryan Reynolds where he talks about lots of things, most importantly that Deadpool movie he’s associated with, and Call of Duty gets another panning from people who actually play games and not Counter-Strike clones.

So all in all, there’s quite a bit of reading:

Corpse Explosion!

In today’s collection of miscellaneous links Amazon proves that not all self-publishing is worthwhile, dinosaurs still exist or at least lizards that look like them do, breakfast cereal that makes you horny, a summary of an internet minute, breaking the uncanny valley of CGI, wearable computers and their implications, YouTube racism knows no bounds, Blizzard announces an online CCG and Voyager leaves the the solar for the umpteenth time!

Up first though, is another story of overzealous government prosecution:

In before the Oort Cloud is discovered to be the reach of our personal universe, and Voyager meets either malevolent aliens or the end of the simulation.

Protection from Tikbalangs

It has been a few days. But the weekends can be quiet. Which is nice. Plenty of things to read though: psychologists and drugs; casinos and hacks; Facebook and tracking; hackers and sentencing; phasers set to stun; fake dinobots and crowdsourcing; and the usual silly jokes, satire, and parody.

It all begins here:

And that rounds it out.

The sign on the counter is in Comic Sans

It’s Pi Day. Or at least it was a short time ago. That’s how time works sometimes unfortunately. It just gets away from you.

Included in today are all sorts of things: Google kills Reader to everyone’s sorrow; SOPA is apparently alive and kicking, just in the shadows; South By South West was on and has finished; there’s even a new Pope, “Franky” goes to the Vatican [I want rights to that!]; StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm is released to the lament of spouses/partners everywhere; and other stuff. Read it all. I can’t be bothered explaining it. Enjoy:

Oh, and one final link. Google does something right at least: