Rubbish and lakes and rain and storms

What a strange few days. Lots of wet, muggy summer weather. And it’s been basically dry for the past months. Anywa, lots of links today. A couple on the new ISP monitoring occuring Stateside, a Twitter pic from Commander Hadfield, an author reading his own short stories, telepresence, a guide to working from home, and first off the ranks Atlantis?

Let’s get into it:

A closing thought, overheard via the internets:

I came into this world covered in someone else’s blood and screaming and lemme tell you, I’m not afraid to leave it the same way.

Kittens and birthdays and parties, oh my

George Takei style of course!

So, Playstation 4, hmm? I could probably have been linking stuff relevant to that for about a while now, but decided that it would likely be best to wait until something concrete has been revealed. Which obviously doesn’t include the game console itself. Besides, who needs consoles in today’s day and age anywa? Sony Vita, Wii U, 3DS, etc etc. These all prove people don’t need bulky eyesores gathered ominously about their large, sleek and beautiful televisions. Right? Perhaps we can all start with some PS4 hype information then, carefully moving onto the Apple iWatch, the Google Glass, some Playboy and RIAA maybe and finish up with a collection of clips of people being hit by moving vehicles?

Sounds good to me:

And that should do it because there goes another week and it’s associated weekend. Time for the working week to weave it’s {open sarcastisis} wonderful wonderful {close sarcastisis} magick.

Milk, onion, jam, gherkins and eggs all on frozen bread

It’s what’s for breakfast!

In other news, not much happened most to most people around the world other than their usual days, of whatever that consists. At the very least they all awoke, did stuff and went back to sleep. Not necessarily in that order of course.

Today we have a mix of Star Trek, Chinese hackers, fortune telling, Google Glass, a study on porn stars and tips on how to not murder someone:

And that should do it for today. Also, it’s delicious. [Or at least that's what I keep telling other people.]

Darwin was bombed seventy years ago, today

Tuesday and another week started. At some point I’ll either start coming with something actually witty or just give up the blurb idea entirely and leave it to the links to tell the story.

I wonder what everyone will prefer:

And that’s another wrap. But first, one final link:

The end of another week

Once again it’s the end of another week[end]. Back into the regular work/school/other.  Hopefully this coming week will be as nice as those preceeding it.

As for links, there’s a motley assortment tonight. From interviews with various knowns and unknowns, to strange science and hilarious jokes. Have fun with them all.

And a quick throwback to Valentine’s day articles:

And that’s all for tonight. An early post [somewhat]. Monday on the morrow and all that.